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Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Perusing my inbox going for the ever elusive “inbox zero”, I came across this great article from Taco by Trello. This article is geared a bit more from the employee/contractor perspective but it got me thinking. Having spent most of my working life as some kind of boss, “feedback” is not as available. I have always worked at creating a culture of open communication and empathy and yet, I’ve still been caught off guard when I find out that one of my team is unhappy or a project fails. Sometimes these are small inconveniences and sometimes they have had catastrophic results. I can look back and clearly remember the times that I have received feedback that stung and in those moments, I was too caught up in my own ego to fully appreciate the gift that I was being given. In hindsight, the times that stung the most were also the greatest opportunities. Enjoy this read and if you are in a leadership role, consider flipping the perspective. What can we do to RECEIVE the gift of feedback?